Application Closing Date: February 28, 2022

Grant Award Date: April 2022

The Creston Valley Community Foundation invites applications for projects in the fields of arts and culture; environment; social welfare and health; education; the aged; youth; and heritage. To decide if your project meets the Foundation’s basic criteria, please review the following guidelines.


Criteria for Foundation Support:


  1. The project will be in the Foundation’s service area, which is between Yahk and Riondel.

  2. Grants will be awarded for definite purposes and for projects covering a specific time period.

  3. Funds may be available for some start up projects filling a recognized need. Such projects must include some type of a needs analysis as well as a financial plan that illustrates how the project will be viable beyond the start up stage.

  4. Applications are only considered if they are made on behalf of charities that are registered with CRA (ie have a registered charity number) or if they are partnered with a registered charity. If a partner agency is to be used then the applicant must complete a Partnership Charity Form and submit it with their application.


Foundation Grants will not be awarded:


  1. To cover deficits or debts.

  2. To provide endowment funds.

  3. To pay for operating expenses.

  4. For sectarian, religious, or political purposes.

  5. To support fundraising campaigns or to respond to annual fundraising drives.

  6. To organizations that are totally government funded or directed.

  7. To organizations without a CRA Registered Charity number or who have not partnered with an agency that is registered with the CRA that  is in possession of a Registered Charity Number.


The Application Process:


Please forward your completed application via email to or by mail to Creston Valley Community Foundation, PO Box 701, Creston, BC V0B 1G0. For the year 2022, all applications must be received by February 28, 2022. Grants will be awarded early in April 2022.

We have changed our name

Our new name is the "Creston Valley Community Foundation". The documents are currently in our old name "Creston-Kootenay Foundation". We will be accepting applications made with these documents for grants in 2022. We are expecting that in the near term they will be replaced with documents with our new name. If you've already completed the application or are part way through there is no need to transfer that information to the new documents. Just complete and submit to thanks 

Grant Applications:

Grant Completion Documentation

When your project is complete there are a couple small documents that need to be completed so that CKF can properly account for the grant funds.

Partnering Charity Form:


If you are not a CRA registered charity then you will need a partnering CRA registered charity. You will need to fill out and send this in with your application