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The Community Foundation’s endowment continues to grow!

Thanks to the generosity of citizens in our community, the amount endowed by the Foundation has grown to $3.7 million dollars! More money endowed means more income earned each year, which in turn means more money available to grant. Since inception in 2005, the Creston-Kootenay Foundation has made more than 200 grants, providing more than $600,000 to non profit groups within our community. Grants have gone to a wide range of projects and programs, from affordable housing to wildlife education for young people. A new roof for the Curling Club in Riondel to new windows for Cresteramics in Creston. We have created 25 different Funds in order to meet the wishes of our donors, ensuring that their contribution will continue to provide financial assistance for projects and programs in their chosen field of interest.

The Community Foundation movement across Canada continues to grow. Community Foundations of Canada has 192 member Foundations, 54 of which are here in British Columbia. The combination of philanthropy, estate planning, giving locally, and tax relief are all reasons why our donors have chosen to give to the Foundation. Some people choose to get involved during their lives and play an active role in determining which groups receive support from their donations. Others have chosen to use the Foundation as a tool when developing their estate plan. Whatever your motivation or circumstance, the board members encourage you to reach out and contact us to learn more about the benefits of giving back to your community in this way.

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