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New Directors for 2022

Updated: Jan 7, 2023

The Creston Valley Community Foundation has a tradition of our directors being deeply committed to the community and of generously giving their time to improve the lives of others. The two new directors this year are exemplars of this. We'd like to welcome Debbie Johnson and Jim Elford and look forward to their contribution on the board.

Debby Johnson

I've been a Creston Valley resident since 1982. I also raised my family here. Much of my community knowledge came from co-owning and operating Creston Valley Insurance which we sold in 2007. In 2018 I achieved "Recognition of High Academic Achievement" in Marketing through McMaster University with the intent of helping the community.

I have been an avid volunteer in the Creston Valley since moving here. My business background and marketing skills transfer nicely to helping boards and committees carry out their missions. My local volunteer work covers a wide range: daycare board member, PAC group chairperson, Community Pride committee member, Garden Festival coordinator, hall board member, Age Friendly Advisory Council member, tourism advisory committees, Area A Economic Development Chairperson, Trails for Creston Valley board and committee lead and Wildsight board member.

Encouraging collaboration between individuals and groups is one of my trademarks. I believe collaboration leads to synergy. For example, I cross-promoted other companies and local non-profit causes through my business. In addition, as a volunteer champion, I often brought groups and non-profit organizations together to work on common interests and share resources and promotions.

I have noticed that a supportive community culture grows when individuals experience consideration and generosity from others. Through this experience, they have learned how to treat one another.

I have enjoyed participating in many non-profit organizations at the board level and within committees. I especially appreciate the opportunity to work with a team of people devoted to building community vitality.

Jim Elford

I moved to the Creston Valley over 42 years ago to become a partner in a local insurance brokerage. Prior to moving to Creston I was a Chief Underwriter with an International Insurance Company. After 30 years in the brokerage the business was sold and I retired. While in business I served on the Boards or Advisory Boards of four multinational corporations, was a volunteer firefighter for 21 years and an Auxillary RCMP Constable for 10 years. In 1997 I was deeply honored to receive the Citizen of the Year award. My wife Teresa and I have been married nearly 50 years with 3 children and 4 grandchildren.

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