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New Directors for 2020

Updated: Jun 23, 2023

Amy Carter and Jason Truscott were acclaimed to our board of directors on June 24. Attracting new talent is an important reason for celebration, as competition by non-profits for volunteers is often fierce. As both Amy and Jason work full time, it was a particular stroke of good luck that both were looking for an additional way to serve our community.

“I was looking for another aspect to my life,” explains Amy Carter, the Community General Manager at CIBC. “I work full time, I’m a mom, and I wanted to add another element where I can have that process of giving back.”

Amy moved to Creston in 2015. She knew that the community, with its robust support networks, was a good fit not just professionally but also for her family. Her daughter Gigi, who has profound cognitive disabilities, just turned 16 and Amy is ready to explore new personal directions. She was ultimately drawn to the CKF’s broad focus on community needs.

In her time on the board, Amy hopes to work on bridging the gap between organizations and donors. “I want more people to know what the foundation does,” she adds. “From both a grant side and from the donor side.”

Community service resonates with Jason Truscott. For the last 110 years, members of his family have lived, worked and contributed to building community in the Creston Valley. In that time, he says, “Truscotts have also received so much from the valley it’s almost impossible to find a way to pay it back.”

Jason spent 10 years in Vancouver, seven in London and additional time in the Kootenays in his career, and looks forward to further building the CKF endowment.

“I want to help ensure we’re distributing funds according to our donors’ wishes and coming up with new ideas,” he says. “What I do in my career (Financial Advisor) is to be a broker of sorts, build bridges from services to people, people to services.”

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