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Golden Centennaires

In July 2022, a Tutor Jet repainted with the colors of the 1967 Golden Centennaires was installed in the north parking lot of Millennium Park. The memorial stands in honor of both Creston’s C.B. Lang, who led the centennaires, and Creston resident John Huscroft, who acquired the jet in 2010 and dedicated more than a decade of his life to the dream of publicly displaying it.

The installation was completed with support from donor-advised funds at the Creston Valley Community Foundation and the Town of Creston. The CVCF would like to thank our private donors who believed in John Huscroft’s vision and helped make it a reality.

There is only one other Golden Centennaire Tutor jet on display, at the Southport airport in Manitoba where the group trained for their 1967 programs.

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