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Recent Grants

The FH & BM Freeman Innovation in Agriculture Fund supported the Dan McMurray Seed bank recently. The grant was used to document all of the activities and procedures required to operate the seed bank. Acitivities and procedures include processing soil and pots, seeding, nurturing, labelling, sorting, proofing and distributing plants, and systems and procedures for saving seeds. The Seed bank has operated for 5 years by volunteers, and the need to document their practises for the use of future volunteers was warranted as sufficiently important to receive financial support.

The Messinger Family Fund made a recent donation to St. Stephens Presbyterian Church toward the cost of removing lead paint from the exterior of the building. This Fund’s purpose is to grant to non-profit groups who are working to enhance the beauty of the Valley or to preserve its history. This project fit those guidelines to a tee as St. Stephens is a prominent fixture in the Town and is the oldest wood frame church in western Canada that has been in continuous use since it’s dedication.

Both of these Funds are donor advised. The donors play an active role in determining which groups receive grants each year.

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